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Our advertising agency services specializes in scaling your sales through Facebook and Instagram. We’ve helped large businesses and multi-national corporations make their advertising campaigns profitable from millions in ad spend. With tested and proven experience in the industry, we can help to surge your business to the next level too.

Lead Generation

We've had experience in generating leads for many industries, including - insurance, refinance, auto warranty, home renovation, air conditioning, interior design... the list goes on. Speak to us and let's chat about your industry!


We have experience working in eCommerce with scaling our own Shopify stores. Not only that, we've also worked with many eCommerce clients on deals that gets us paid only when we deliver them results.

Branding & Performance Marketing

We are all about the fusion of branding and performance marketing. We utilize time-tested and proven methods to build goodwill around your brand and consistently get predictable results.

About us

Our team is called Surge Advertising. We are based in Singapore, and are comprised of a dedicated team of visionaries who integrate MARKETING & SALES into the entire flow for you.

We are not just a typical digital agency where we guide you on digital side of things. Our team also comes with experience of understanding the entire sales process, we are a team of people who collected more than 8 figures in sales, in many different industries, from IT solutions, to Skincare. From training courses, to private investments. From made-to-measure shirts, to business solutions. So we understand what it takes to use marketing to get people into your sales process, and then use sales to convert them from leads into customers.

Discover Our Process


We strategize with you first before we create, launch and scale your ads so that you see a big ROI.


You no longer need to waste money trying to figure out which ads work. With our combined years of experience, we help you create the most effective ads and find the best places for them to maximize your advertising spend.


With cutting edge tools at our disposal, we find the best opportunities for your marketing efforts. We optimize the ads that are working (aka bringing you money!), and cut those that aren’t.


This is our favourite part (and yours too!). We scale up the ads that give you the best possible returns, and you start seeing insanely predictable revenue streams flowing in every month!

real customers. real results.

How we achieve results for you


We help you acquire customers using goodwill brand-focused content on all the best online advertising platforms


We retain your existing customers by getting them to come back for more.. and more… and more!


We build and continuously tweak your sales funnels to help you stop wasting money and get better returns

We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, find out how he can help you