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10 Ways To Create A Successful Digital Marketing Agency From Scratch

If you’re reading this… then hello! I’m Alex and very glad to meet you. This is my first content bomb I’m posting up and know that it’s a work in progress!!

From years of experience of interning, working and then co-founding my very own ad agency, here’s my top 10 tips to do so!


[DISCLAIMER: This will be updated with more content very soon… Here’s the main points]

1. Specialize in the services you offer

2. Have a face for the agency that is using authority to attract more clients to you

3. Don’t compete on having the lowest price!

4. Know when to say no

5. Grow conservatively and avoid expanding too fast by over-hiring

6. Create collaborative partnerships so you can stay specialized and still generate passive income from other partners

7. Be super selective with who you work with
8. Leverage your expertise and clients to build assets using your ad agency as the base

9. Set realistic expectations with clients before taking their money

10. Make sure you are building an agency because you love it not because you just want to make money